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„acting on innovation, sustaining the future.“


„Delivering comprehensive, tailor-made software and electronics solutions.“


„Guiding your digital journey with personalized advice.“

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Leveraging decades of expertise in the realm of software and electronics development, we deliver comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique needs. Our experience is deeply rooted in embedded systems, high-speed technology, and application development, we have a particular focus on automotive e-mobility, charging infrastructure, and home automation to have a positive impact on the environment. We leverage our rich experience to develop designs that smoothly transition from paper to production, integrating efficiency and manufacturability from the get-go. Our personalized approach ensures customer satisfaction, delivering solutions that are a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

future-oriented engineering

As a forward-thinking startup we’re more than just experienced — we’re future-oriented. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures our engineering solutions are always ahead of the curve. Our flexible and lean approach allows us to adapt quickly to market changes and implement the latest technologies, while our deep-seated wisdom ensures we retain a clear vision of the bigger picture. We keep a keen eye on the broader technological landscape and future trends, ensuring that our designs are not just innovative but also optimized for manufacturing scalability and longevity.


„Revolutionizing your projects with advanced electronics.“


„Custom software solutions, designed to drive your success.“

consulting excellence

Alongside our comprehensive development solutions, we offer expert consulting services, tailored to your unique business landscape and objectives. We draw on our extensive industry knowledge to help you streamline operations, implement new technologies, and refine product strategies. Our expertise enables us to guide you towards designs that balance innovation with practicality and manufacturability.


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